Memorial Bookmarks with Customised Design

Memorial Bookmarks with Customised Design

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58mm wide x 190mm high, 2 sided. All cards are gloss laminated, printed on 300 gsm heavy card.

All our Memorial Stationery are designed to your requirements. Once you order we will arrange for one of our designers to meet you in person at our store or discuss over the phone what type of theme you would like to use so that we can design to your concept. 

To create a bespoke/customised Memorial Card design you can work with our designer. We can accept all necessary information (text, photos) by email or by post. Please contact us and we will provide design within 48 hours. In order to create your custom memorial card we will need the following:

  • Deceased Person’s full name
  • Address
  • Date of death
  • A photograph or multiple photographs
  • Other imagery you would like us to use
  • Poems, verses and anything else you would like us to include
  • Description of layout if you want us to work to precise specs – otherwise we will put everything together ourselves
  • Any other suggestions you may have...

Please email the above information to